Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blood and Bone

Crazy day today! Nate was psyched to finish Whispers of Wisdom (v10) at Emerald Lake. We hiked up there... I was psyched to try Nothin' But Sunshine (v13) in lower Chaos Canyon. We hiked up there... We were both psyched to try Eternia (v11) at Upper Chaos Canyon. We hiked up there... We were both psyched to go home. We hiked back to the car...

But I'm leaving things out. We met up with Ben Tsui and Phil Wiygel, two friends from back home before we hiked to Upper Chaos. After I climbed Eternia the four of us headed back down to the Jorge boulder so that Ben could try Right El Jorge (v9). He worked out the moves extremely quickly and took a little break. v9 would have been a new grade for Ben and I was excited to see him send. But it never happened.

On his first try from the bottom Ben's right foot blew and his shin in some ungodly manner was split open. I could see bone. My mind was racing, "We are at least an hour and a half from the car and I don't have any first aid training. What the hell are we going to do?" I grabbed my only first aid supplies, an alcohol swab, some gauze, and tape, threw them to Phil and hurried to pack our things. We left pads under the boulder and headed down. Luckily, Ben could still walk, and the bleeding was minimal. Just as the last light was fading and the storm clouds were rolling in we made it to the parking lot. Ben's leg was repaired at the Estes Park emergency room and that was that. I'm hoping he will be able to get back to climb the problem before he leaves in a week and a half.

Ok so I know that I've been slacking when it comes to updating this thing so here is a list of the things I have been climbing the last few days or so.

Gangbang Arete (v8)
Dead Raccoon (v11) - 5th try
Left El Jorge (v11) - 4th try
Right El Jorge (v9) - 2nd try
Aristocrat (v9)
Skipper D (v8) - 2nd try

Tommy's Other Arete (v8)
Whispers of Wisdom (v10)

Eternia (v11)

Also, here are some shots from Mt. Evans last week. I dragged Jo Beth up there for a second time so I could get a little climbing in before the rain.


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