Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I began climbing in 2002 with a friend on a boulder in his back yard. Convieniently, there were a few bails of hay to pad our falls and sandy dirt to dry our fingertips. It wasn't until several months later we discovered the existence of climbing shoes and a climbing gym down the road. At the time I was an 8th grader and fortunate to be taken under the wing of several influential Chattanooga locals including Stuart Chapin (outdoor program director at McCallie School) and Chad Wykle (now Triple Crown cocreater/coordinator). I owe a lot to these guys.

Now I'm a senior at The University of Tennesee at Chattanooga and I've spent the last few years of my life traveling the U.S. visiting amazing places, meeting great people, and, of course, climbing lots of rocks. This blog chronicles my adventures in climbing and other things. I hope you enjoy it.

-Brion Voges