Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally - Climbing!

The past 6 weeks or so have been rough - I have only been outside a couple of times and motivation has been low. As my finger heals though, I've been able to get outside more and I'm psyched to train for a month before making the move to Boulder. On Monday Ronnie, Lee Means, Tommy Morrison and Annilee (spelling?) made it out to T-wall for a few hours and managed to squeeze in a couple of pitches before it got dark. Climbing on a thread of a rope (8.3mm), Tommy and I warmed up on a route called The Message (5.13a), which I managed to flash as Tommy shouted up beta. We also climbed Burn (5.13a) and I nearly onsighted Keel Hauled (5.13a). As we were hiking out Tommy slipped in some mud and pierced his cheek with the limb of a tree. It was nice and bloody, and a little scary. 

On Tuesday John Gass and I got out to climb a few routes before he had to be at work. Mostly it was just fun warm-ups but we finished the day on a 5.12d called Darma. The route was amazing and the setting...... perfection! 

Sorry I've got no pics but you can't belay and take photos at the same time. 

3 weeks and counting until I leave and I'm hoping that climbing a bunch of moderate routes will help heal my finger. On that note, motivation and confidence are returning and climbing is as amazing as ever.


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