Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Continues

Recently, Squamish, BC has been experiencing a heat wave and the climbing world has been bombarded with complaints. Compared with the Southeast's 5 month summer, three hot weeks in Squamish is a joke. So, if you Canadians were wondering how to survive summer, here are a few pointers:
  1. Lower your expectations. Unless you are a climbing god, you can't climb 5.14 in 90 degree weather with 70% humidity.
  2. Climb only in areas with easy access to swimming (don't forget sunscreen).
  3. Before climbing, move slowly to reduce sweat. While climbing, move quickly.
  4. Drink plenty of water. You might gain a pound or two (thank God your harness only weighs and ounce and your quickdraws are light as air), but you won't be dizzy either.
  5. Watch your skin and don't be afraid to tape. Remember, tape doesn't sweat.
  6. Bring along your Ipod. Those little suckers can turn even the sweatiest times into parties.
  7. Hit up Sonic on the return trip for a Route 44 - the biggest, coldest drink on earth - or ice cream.
  8. The gym is your friend. Go train indoors and enjoy the AC.
In other news, Jgass and I were at North Chickamauga Creek Saturday climbing boulders. There are two big boulders housing 15 or so problems. They are mostly tall moderates, 15ft and somewhere in the v5 range. Landings are horrible, sometimes no more than a few inches of water over the rocky creek bed. Even the padded landings there are dangerous. The problems, though, are amazing! There are even a couple projects that could be somewhere in the v12 range.

John and I really enjoyed ourselves, climbing nearly every problem the boulders had to offer and cooling off in the water when necessary. The psyche rolls on!


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