Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Life is a Training Session

I live in between training sessions. That's when I eat, when I go to class, when I shower, Facebook, sleep. Actually, there isn't much sleep involved. Only about once a week do Jimmy, Kasia, and I get psyched enough to face the heat and drive down to the Concave. Then, after three pitches of warm up, assessing the miniscule details of heat and humidity, and one burn on Southern Comfort, we pile back into the car and head to the gym. That's how it went down on Monday at least.

In a typical fashion, we hit every gas station between Chattanooga and Fort Payne, AL (Jimmy needs his Subway and Red Bull).

And we roll into the parking lot at about 1... Ok, but who really cares about the blow by blow?! Jimmy and I both reached high points on the route and we took some cool photos; we went bouldering at the Citadel and took some cool photos; we went to the gym but didn't take any photos. Then it was bed time. THE END.

Here are the photos:

Photo: Jimmy Webb

Photo: Jimmy Webb

Photo: Jimmy Webb

Also, here is a video of me climbing Riddles in the Park (v12). I waited until the last day of my trip to try this one. I'm glad I pulled through - it's a good one. Check it out! Thanks to Jimmy for the edit.

Off to the gym,