Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trade Show and Other Stuff

I was at the trade show Tuesday and Wednesday. It's always interesting to see new product and talk with all climbing's athletes. I'm happy to say that Five Ten and Organic both have some really impressive new products. Organic is now making stellar backpacks - a cragging model, and a bullet style pack. Check them out if you're in the market for a new pack. And Five Ten will be adding several new shoes to their already impressive line this spring. Look forward to a slightly stiffer Project, a downturned anasazi verde, and an amazing new lifestyle/skate/bike shoe called the dirtbag.

Otherwise, Ben Tsui is in town and we've spent the last couple days climbing. Yesterday we were at Lincoln Lake where I repeated a couple moderates - Chalk on Rock (v8) and Brian Capp's new one - Cloak of the Tiger (v8). I also did this super scary slab climb. It was a fun day outside and a good last day in Colorado. That's right, I'm heading home and I'm very excited about it.

Here are a couple pics Ben took:

The Slab

I'm pretty psyched to get home and start training again and I can't wait to check out the new gym - Stone Summit.

Oh, and check out LT11's Pogo series:

Have a good rest of the summer everyone.



  1. that slab is pretty cool. when i first saw it i thought it would be hard, and the landing might need work. but it turned out to have some pretty good holds and with my big pad i was able to cover the hole a little. no idea if I did the FA, it seemed easy and obvious enough that it might have been done by previous developers. anyways, cool problem, and I'm glad i'm not the only one to be climbing on it.

  2. Yeah, i was wondering who put it up. the first time i saw it there were obvious tick marks on a couple holds. but i agree it is a fairly easy obvious line, perhaps it was climbed a while back