Monday, February 7, 2011

Gettin' Back to It

So I've been getting outside a little more recently. My finger is feeling stronger and the end is in sight - almost. Unfortunately, with a job and school my status is more akin to weekend warrior than I would like. Anyway, Jimmy and I went out to Dayton yesterday with Hugh, Rami, AJ, and Andrew Kornylak to check out this roof project (now dubbed Foundation). It turned out to be sick - tension with a heal-hook through gastons, a stab to a three finger edge, a jump, and an awesome v8 finish. I think it checks in somewhere around v11 and a little harder if you're short. It was super fun to clean up and after figuring out all the beta I punted from the end like a million times - so classic. I actually ended up doing it once but dabbed on Hugh. Whatever... I'm gonna try to get back out there Wednesday before work to finish it. Until then I've got some studying to do - writing this is just another form of procrastination.

There is a big crew heading to Arkansas this weekend and I'm so psyched to get back to Wood Grain after almost doing it back in November. Stay tuned...


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