Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Coolest

I haven't been posting much and I haven't been traveling much. I did make a trip to the beach with Jo Beth and her family but as far as climbing goes I've been sticking to the gym, battling the heat, and honing my skills. Always honing...

Photos I took in Apalachicola, FL:


It's cool in the mornings now. And by cool I mean 65-70. It feels nice anyway. School has started again and I'm thankful that this will be my final semester. As it is, I'm having quite a difficult time staying motivated in classes like American Women Writers. I've started back at my job as well.

Now its kinda funny but at the time it was demoralizing; I had this horrible day at the gym. Feeling weak, climbing like junk, my execution was in the toilette and I went off on this horrible tangent about school and work and whatnot. Ruined my whole day thinking about it. But I got over it and I've been climbing better lately.

That day is the reason I'm writing this post right now. Climbing is always waves of strength and relative weakness. But summertime in the South has the ability to accentuate the highs and lows. Small dips, normally unnoticeable, become huge mental barriers to personal progression. I just wanted to remind everyone that a few bad days, or a bad month even, doesn't mean a lack of progression. On days when you are feeling especially unmotivated or tired, concentrate on simple things like technique or endurance. Keep in mind that the summer is coming to an end. I can't wait!

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