Thursday, March 19, 2009


     For the past couple of days I have been chillin' in Boone, NC with Jon Glassberg and Nate Draughn trying to escape the springtime heat and humidity. I haven't been too successful in that regard, it's been a tad warm. 
     On Tuesday Nate and I headed out to Lost Cove to finish up a problem there called the Black 45 (v10). It's a typical North Carolina roof climb, the crux revolves around a small, very sharp crimper. I managed to send fairly quickly despite the heat. Nate came up just short but will hopefully be able to finish it off quick. Afterwards we drove over to Blowing Rock and Nate gave me the tour. I was psyched to try the classic roof climb Flagyl (v10). Despite the heat I managed the send and was psyched! I also managed to do a slopey v8 to the left of Flagyl called AHR (Another Henson Route). Nate easily repeated a couple of v8s for the video. Here it is:

AHR (V8), Flagyl (V10), and Thresh Weasel (V8)

     Nate on Flagyl

     Wednesday was even warmer than Tuesday. Nate, Jon and I decided to head up to Grandmother Mtn. and mess around on some easier classics. Of course, that's not exactly what happened. After warming up, Nate and I tried Third Rail (v8) a problem I'd been wanting to do for several years. Turns out this one is extremely difficult when its 60 degrees, humid, and damp. After way too much effort and much frustration I sent. While I recovered Nate and Jon climbed a couple of moderate highballs and added a sit start to one of them. Then we headed over to the Great Roof, a tall roof housing several difficult problems. The goal was to film Jon climbing his problem The Masochist (v10). The Masochist climbs the tallest part of the roof through a series big moves on incut crimps. 

Jon enjoying The Masochist

     After a couple of tries Jon managed the repeat and his success inspired me to try. I sent fourth go for the fourth ascent. The sun was sagging low but I was still psyched. We decided to go try Instinct sit (v10). Jon repeated the problem for video and I quickly followed. It was a great finish to a fine day.


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