Monday, January 4, 2010

Roll Tide

Happy 2010!

Ok, so I haven't been too good with updating lately, just been climbing and hanging out. But I'm gettin' with the program. Since last time I have been all over Alabama trying to tick off sloper problems. It's been going pretty well. Saturday, I managed the second ascents of the low to Breadloaf Factory (v10) and The Boss (v11). Both climbs have horrible slopey cruxes. Check the vid:

The day before Jimmy and I did a new climb called Innovation which is somewhere in the 9-10 range. It's only 5 moves and the crux involves a move from an undercling out left to a sidepull and holding the barndoor. In the past few days I've also managed to climb Grand Papa (v9), Dog Laudnam (v10), Master Beta (v9), Unlocked (v9) and Landslide (v9). Here's the footage of me climbing Landslide and a couple others along with footage of John Gass climbing a bunch of classics:

Also, here is more footage from our trip to Hueco. Sorry I didn't manage to get send footage of Full Throttle but here's a good attempt at least.

On a completely different subject, has anyone else noticed that the V-scale is being replaced by the Font scale? It's not very consequential, but it's worth noticing.

My skin has been burning today but I'm hoping it cools down by tomorrow so I can get out. Until then.


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