Thursday, March 11, 2010

The List

I've spent the last couple days chipping away at my Bishop ticklist. It's now down to 2 problems: Spectre (v13) and Xavier's Roof (v11). That's not to say I've climbed all the problems on it, but at least I've tried.

Here's my original list:

1. The Mandala
2. The Buttermilker
3. The Swarm
4. Spectre
5. Stained Glass
6. Checkerboard
7. Xavier's Roof
8. Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Of the original eight, six problems remained on my list after our first two climbing days:

1. The Swarm
2. Spectre
3. Stained Glass
4. Checkerboard
5. Xavier's Roof
6. Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Here's how everthing has gone down since then:


Stained Glass - after a quick warm up we ran up the hill to try this crimpy masterpiece. After a little bit of effort I managed to send from the obvious jug start.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Something about this place inspires me to give good 1st burns. Maybe it's the razor edges? Anyway, thanks to the beta spray from Jimmy I managed to pull a flash out of the bag.

Checkerboard - another flash. This is one of the most beautiful boulders ever!

My list after Tuesday:

1. The Swarm
2. Spectre
3. Xavier's Roof


The Swarm - Basically hiked up and got shut down! There are some small edges on this baby - probably the smallest I've ever tried to pull on. Maybe next year?

But the day wasn't a total waste. Jimmy and I both managed to climb A Scanner Darkly (v12) and A Form Destroyer (v12). I also climbed a really awesome v9 called Queen Sweet Nectar.

That's basically it. We're heading out tomorrow to try Spectre and Ronnie Jenkins is driving in tomorrow night.

Very excited!



  1. SICK Voges!!!! Rippin it up. That's awesome.

  2. absolute balls man. killin' it!!! hope the last couple days were killer too