Monday, March 29, 2010

Training Log #1

Thursday, March 25

Day 1. Can't wait to get the training ball rolling. It's been a while since I've had the time and motivation to focus on specific training and I definitely feel like I can use the conditioning. In the past I have found that the first week is the most difficult - training requires that schedules be rearranged, eating and sleeping habits overhauled and a general shift in attitue toward pain. But I'm prepared and today I felt ok. I did an early ab workout. I'll be sore tomorrow. I also did some campusing today for the first time in about 9 months. Surprisingly, I feel that I've gained a lot of strength over that time and it's quite motivating to feel that progression. The campus sesh was quick, leaving me some time to climb around. My new program incorporates regular bouldering and power endurance into a session followed by systems and then a warm down. The first day left me feeling wrecked but content. Ready for more tomorrow!

Friday, March 26

Feeling tired from yesterday and not happy to wake at 6:45 for classes. Jo Beth is in town as well which is taking away my motivation. I got a new fingerboard yesterday - the Moon one - and I'm psyched to try it out. I thought that I would get in a session on it before heading to the gym and I decided to give this workout a try. I found the prescribed 1 arm deadhangs and pull-ups particularly challenging (especially as the door frame constricts my space). I ended up using a piece of webbing to take some weight. In general, I have found that fingerboards are good tools to measure progress because they measure such small intervals. For example, if you can hold a position for 5 seconds in March and 7 seconds by April, progress is obvious and rewarding. I felt tired to the point of being sleepy heading into the afternoon climbing session but I forced it anyway. I climbed some moderates and began the systems program in my Friday workout. It went surprisingly well and I finished up with some endurance. A good day all in all but I am very tired and expect motivation to be low tomorrow.

Saturday, March 27

My alarm went off an hour and a half before I was supposed to be at work. The idea was that I could get in a quick session on the fingerboard and a good ab workout beforehand. I laid in bed a little too long though and my fingerboard workout was shortened as a result. It's probably a good thing anyway because my tendons and skin are not cooperating. I'm going to call it.

Sunday, March 28

Rest! Finally! The good thing is I feel like I've really earned it. More training tomorrow.

Monday, March 29

Went to the gym after all my morning classes to get in a campus workout. It felt a little more difficult today but I was working alone this time and motivation was slightly less. Afterwards I ran home to grab some food and then headed back to the gym to meet Hugh Huffaker for an evening bouldering session. It went ok but my skin started hurting before I could do the volume of climbing I wanted. I don't think that 2 hours of rest between sessions is a good idea. Hope it feels better tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 30

I got a good night sleep last night and I woke up feeling good with the exception of my skin. The nonstop training has left my skin feeling burned and stiff. I forced a fingerboard workout despite the pain. I thought I might have to break out the ibuprofen for my scheduled evening workout. It is the shoe demoing tonight at Urban Rocks in Chattanooga. I went down to help out and got in a small bouldering session as well. Unfortunately it was smaller than I had hoped for - only about an hour and a half - but my skin is worked and my fingernails even hurt. I wish my skin would shape up so I could accomplish my training goals. Tomorrow is rest and I really can't wait.

Wednesday, March 31

I can't believe it's the last day of March already. Very tired and a little sore today - happy to have some rest.


  1. dude, my skin is the weakest link in my training right now as well. i found that if i ice my hands after a workout it helps the next day. try putting your hands in ice water for a little bit, taking them out, then re-submerging them at night and see what you think. hope this helps.


  2. you are insane... i need to get on this training thing!

  3. Brad: yeah thanks for the tip i'll be trying that pronto. its so dumb that skin can hold you back.