Friday, June 11, 2010


Climbers are intimately familiar with failure. It haunts their projects and looms eerily overhead until vanquished by some stronger force. Recently I have been lost in a fog of failure. For two weeks I have failed to climb even one boulder. It's a difficult pill to swallow. Sure, I have been close on several difficult boulders and I have had some trouble with forearm pain, but embracing this failure and remaining confident in the face of it is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I'm confident though that things will come together in the end.



  1. remember: you have PISSED on many of the hard lines in colorado in very short order. you are boiling it down to those lines that are hard for you, regardless of grade... just funky for your body style.... OR, that are just INSANELY RIDICULOUSLY HARD, period.

    you have essentially climbed areas out and now you have nowhere to hide from the awkward, funky, ill-fit, insanely hard lines.

    this is kind of a very impressive place to be. don't dispair.

    why are you not sending? because you have sent EVERYTHING else.

    take heart and enjoy your sessions. this same thing happened to me... at the v8 level.

  2. meaning, it's cool that it didn't hit you till 13/14

  3. Thanks everyone for the support

  4. This happened last summer Vog, remember? Then came riddles, freshly, bushpilot, child stars.... lots of shizzz! No hope last year on the things you're close to linking now!!!

    Keep it up man!!

  5. Sockhands really means V11.Enjoy reading the blog