Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So I cut my hair - shaved it. Well not fully shaved, but its about a quarter of an inch long and after quite a long string of failures I was even considering war paint on climbing days but fortunately it never came to that.

Sunday was a great day and we got it all on video (check the hair). Here it is (my first edit):

and here is a picture I took of Nate climbing Gangbang (v8):

I owe some of my success to the fact that I got some new shoes. All I have to say is that the Team 5.10s are the best shoes ever made. Their perfect mix of sensitivity and edging power along with a bomber heal and the best rubber on the market have really helped me get up some boulders lately. Check them out!



  1. Yepp i'd say that's a good day! =) Good job Voges; I'm glad you're out of the no sending rut! Keep up the good work, you look really strong in this vid!!!!

  2. agreed with ashley! nice going!