Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Roof

Lately I've been super unmotivated in the gym. Problem is, between school, work, and crappy weather I don't have the time to get out much. But the semester is about done and I'll be heading to Hueco in two weeks! I've got some serious goals there including Esperanza, Slashface, and Nagual. In anticipation of climbing in the Martini cave, a bunch of us went up to Dayton on Sunday to climb on the roof. It had been a couple years since I last climbed on it and I was expecting to feel uncoordinated and week on such steep terrain. I did at first but after I got nice and warm the roof felt like an old friend. I was able to repeat a couple of the difficult lines including The Whole Shebang (v12) - a 29 move pump fest Ronnie and I spent a lot of time on a couple years ago. Weaver also killed it for the 4th ascent. We spent the rest of the day repeating classics.

We are heading back out to Arkansas this weekend. On the list are Wood Grain Grippin', Forever Botany, and Dirty 30. Very Psyched!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


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