Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Arkansas Weekend

So we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Arkansas. I can't even express the love I have for that place - it is by far my favorite climbing area. Life there is slow and uncomplicated; there is no cell service, no crowds, no rush, nothing at all except friends, rock climbing, farm animals, and the Ozark Cafe.

As far as climbing goes, I was really amped to give Wood Grain Grippin' (v14) some efforts this trip and so Jimmy and I made our way out there on day 1 to see what we could do. I learned that due to a tendon injury last year I couldn't grab the weird 3 finger undercling like everyone else - I have to get 4 fingers on it from the start. That means a much more difficult first move but a proportionally easier finish. Jimmy and I both had several near send attempts before he hurt his finger and I'm super psyched to return in December to try and finish it off.

In the mean time friends Hugh and Jacob were enjoying their introduction to Arkansas bouldering climbing on all the classics like Glass Bowl, Flash Gordon, Fred's Cave, Jeff's Prow, and Ab Lounge.

Anyway, Jimmy and I were able to finish the trip off right with sends of The Dirty 30 (v12). Here's a vid. of me climbing it:

Also, John Gass put together a vid. of me climbing the Whole Shebang a while back. Check it out:

Exams are coming up and I'm about to get super busy. But Hueco is also around the corner - we leave next Friday!



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