Friday, July 10, 2009

Doin' Work

It's 90 degrees in Boulder today, 88 in our house. We have a small fan and one window AC unit. If the AC and the dishwasher are running simultaneously, the breaker trips and our power goes out. Breakfast is the best meal of the day.

On rest days we will do anything to get out of the house and into an air-conditioned building. Lately that has meant the Boulder Public Library. I haven't been resting too much though - there is too much climbing to do and too many new areas to be seen. Last week we visited an area called Guanella Pass. Its a small area, comparable to the Citadel or Zahnd back home, but the climbing was definitely worth the two hour drive from Boulder. I was extremely happy to climb the incredible Mind Matters (v12).

Here are some pictures of the day:

Bessie (v10)

Mind Matters (v12)

After our day at Guanella Pass, temps dropped, setting us up for some great days at the park. Sending time! In two days I was able to climb Freshly Squeezed (v12), Blood Money (v12), Skipper Roof Left (v11), Marble Direct (v10), Skipper Roof Right (v10), Far Left El Jorge (v9) and Teradacyl (v9).

Blood Money

Skipper Roof Left

Nate was also able to finish off some projects. He sent Eternia (v11), Skipper Roof Left (v11) and his first v12, Wildcat.

Skipper Roof Left


Also check out this video from Jimmy. In it I climb Skipper D (v8), an amazing problem in Upper Chaos.


Oh, and stay tuned the next couple days for some video of the sending spree!

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