Sunday, October 25, 2009

Arkansas and Horse Pens Pics

Yesterday Jimmy, Kasia, Nate, Jo Beth and I were at Horse Pens. I hadn't been there is over a year and I was psyched to check out some stuff. After a warm up I was able to climb Odd Job, a tough little v8. Check Jimmy's video:

After watching Nate and Kasia on The Flow for a bit Jimmy and I were psyched to give some efforts on Genetic, the unrepeated James Litz v10. It remains unrepeated but we both came quite close. Since its first ascent, this one move boulder has been bumped to v11 but Jimmy and I agree that it may be even harder. Here are a few photos of us trying:

And here is one of Kasia on The Flow:

Jimmy and I also climbed Balrog (v10) and I was able to do Hot n Tot (v10) also. We finished up the day trying a cool project that traverses into Stingray (v9) from the right and may weigh in at around v11.

As promised, here are some pics from our trip to Arkansas last week.

Jimmy on Buddy

Jimmy on The Zone

Kasia on Fred's Cave

Me on 1 Inch Pinch

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