Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LRC Projects

Jimmy and I have been trying some projects lately; haven't done any, but have tried many. The coolest of them climbs right of the v7 Tennessee Thong. From that problem's start you move left hand to the first good edge and bump right hand out to a micro edge just under the first tier of the roof. Perching on your right foot, your left hand floats up to another micro edge just above the second tier. The next move is quite a large, difficult move to a sloping pinch on the right arete. From there it's probably v6 to the top. Check it out if you are in the area and psyched on some small holds!

There is also an amazing slab project across from the v2 crack Mouse Trap still awaiting an ascent. So far, I have put three days into this one and have made absolutely no progress. I'm not even sure if this one goes but it is one of the most beautiful and distinct lines at LRC.

If you know anything at all about LRC projects you are probably wondering about the Barn Door Project. Well it's still a project. I'm super psyched to start trying this one once the temps drop a little more.

Oh, and here is a vid jimmy put together of me climbing The Power of Amida (v10) yesterday. Thanks buddy.



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