Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trip Report

So I have been on the road for the past couple weeks. First it was Arkansas and now Hueco. I'll be heading home in a few days and hopefully will be able to get up some media and go in to more detail about the trip. For now I just wanted to throw up a quick update.

Arkansas was cold as balls - the first day was even too cold to climb. Afterwards though it warmed up and I was able to do a few things on my list including Flash Gordon (v9), One Inch Pinch (v12), Moondie (v9), Glass Bowl (v10), and Bloody Knuckles (v11). Brad Weaver unlocked bomber knee bar beta on Anti-Hero which makes the boulder easier despite the recently broken hold and then it started raining. We left a day early.

Hueco has been nice though - the land of never ending sunshine. I have been happy with my climbing here. Jimmy and I were able to quickly dispatch El Techo (v11) on our first day in the park and by day two I was able to climb Diabolique (v13). I have spent a couple days trying Full Throttle (v13) and yesterday fell from the last move 5 times. I'm heading back in the morning to try and finish it. Can't wait!

I guess that's all for now,


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