Monday, November 30, 2009

Boone Vid

Here is the video of me climbing On Any Sunday in Boone a week or so ago:

I spent this weekend in Miami - more like driving to Miami - and my skin is finally healed from a solid week of climbing outdoors. J Gass and I spent Wednesday climbing on some cool local problems and he was able to quickly dispatch a couple of classics. I repeated a few things and found this cool sit start to an existing v7. After working out some beta I'm very psyched to return with fresh skin. New problem!

John and I also spent a little time at LRC on Thursday before gorging on Thanksgiving feasts. I managed to repeat King James second go but then fell apart completely. It was quite a fun week though and it was good having johnny around to provide some new syke! Now it's raining again and Triple Crown is coming up. Time to hit the gym! Again....



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