Friday, February 26, 2010


Jimmy and I drove down to Alabama because I wanted to finish off the super sloppy Skeletor (v10). We had also heard rumors of a hard project at Steele, AL and were psyched to go check it out.

After a little work I sent Skeletor and we were off to check out the proj. Turns out the thing is impossible. It start on low on a left-facing edge with zero feet climbs up and left on a very bad flexing edge to a sloppy undercling. Climbing from the undercling is possible though, and my be in the v9 range. Anyway, we made the most of the trip and climbed a cool, very frightening v7 called Reconciliation. We also added a new line to the left of Reconciliation traversing low on some edges and up to the arete. This place really does have some potential for bouldering though obviously routes are the main attraction. Here's the vid:

Also, the Shades Crest comp is tomorrow, come on out. I'll be there climbing and demoing 5.10 shoes.



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