Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I haven't been posting lately because there hasn't been much going on. Rain and snow have severely limited the amount of time spent outdoors the past few weeks and so I've been training at home and indoors at TBA with the usual suspects. To catch you up:

1. The video Jimmy, Brad and I shot a few weeks ago with Brant Hawkins is up on Deadpoint. Check it out here.

2. I had a rough time at ABS Nationals last weekend and I would rather not dwell on the details. Suffice it to say I was quite disappointed in my performance. At least the 10 hour drive to Virgina was not a complete waste; we were able to sample the food, see some sights, and hang out with friends.

3. Today we took advantage of a rare sunny day and drove up to Dayton. I was able to climb Matt Bosley's Power Patches low (v11) for its 3rd ascent and Jimmy's Oreo (v9) for a 2nd. Jimmy climbed a new one he named Hippie Funeral (v10) plus one of mine, HSR extension (v8). Good day!

4. March is just around the corner. That means the season here in the Southeast is winding down. It also means time for Spring Break! We will be leaving March 5th for Bishop. I feel strong right now and my expectations for the trip are high, but I'm also looking forward to visiting a new area and climbing on new boulders.

5. The Shadescrest Showdown is coming up this Saturday February 27th. Check out the comp details here.

6. Seen the video of Daniel Woods talking about the Sportiva Solutions? Well, he forgot to mention that the Team 5.10's do everything the Solutions do, only better. Plus they're blue.

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