Sunday, December 5, 2010

Triple Crown, Stone Fort/LRC

Saturday, with rain clouds overhead, 400 climbers filed onto buses in order to compete in the final leg of the Triple Crown. 20 minutes later as the buses rolled to a stop in front of Montlake Golf Club the rain was already beginning to fall. I was feeling super rushed and my first 5 times off the ground I climbed Brian's Bain (v1), Dragon Lady (v4), Tri-star (v4), Dragon Man (v9), and The Law (v11). But the rain calmed down and so did I.

I moved toward the back of the field and climbed The Shield (v11), Biggie Shorty Extension (v12) and New Sensations (v10). At this point a crazy cloud moved in and a misty rain began to fall. Everything became super difficult and I began failing. I couldn't climb Electric Boogaloo (v10), The Chattanoogan (v12), Reflections (v10), or I Think I Can (v9). At this point I had holes in two fingers and a split in one - a consequence of trying to climb on wet crimpers. I needed some good holds and so I moved over to do Robbin' the Tooth Fairy (v9) and Blind Spot (v7). At this point it was downright soaked but I managed to eek out sends of both boulders. Deeming it too dangerous to continue, judges began herding competitors toward the buses. It was over and I was glad. All in all, I had a great time climbing with Ronnie and hanging out with a bunch of fun people. I even placed 2nd in both LRC and overall! Check out the Triple Crown results page for the full results.

I leave for Hueco Friday and until then I'll be studying for exams. Also, thanks to everyone at Triple Crown for all your hard work.