Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dont post videos of boulders in access sensitve areas!

Recently several videos have been posted online featuring boulders in access sensitive areas around the Southeast. I'm posting this in the hope that it will stop. The bottom line is that videos mean more traffic, more traffic means greater impact, and greater impact may lead to closure of the area. Don't undermine the work everyone has done to gain access at these, and many other, climbing areas. Please, feel free to shoot video and show it to your friends; DO NOT POST IT ON THE WEB!

Alright, that being said, here is a video of me climbing the Litz line Manic Aggression (v13) and Ben Tsui climbing a new one he called Too Big to Fail (v7). Enjoy!

I'm heading to Colorado tomorrow and I can't wait!




  1. Narc, I would rather not say. I don't mean to call anyone out, I just posted this to remind everyone that climbing at some areas is illegal and videos endanger future access.

  2. Fair enough. I figured that I could help by not disseminating said videos so if you'd rather let me know privately just send me an email.

  3. Made that look super easy. Good work.

  4. Ok just a quick correction - the first boulder is actually called Throes of Rejection. Thanks to Salo for clearing that up.