Sunday, March 20, 2011

Front Range Bouldering

I have a lot of stuff to post. First of all, big thanks to 5.10 and Organic for making this trip happen. When Brad and I showed up in Denver I had a brand new pad waiting for me. I opened her up and took the box out to the trash chute. It didn't really fit...

Secondly, John, Brad and I have been working on a video showcasing most of the boulders we have been climbing on here in CO. It should be on the web by mid-week so look out for it. Here are some screen shots:

I've also been shooting some photos - probably not as many as I should. Here they are:

Now my skin is thrashed and we head home tomorrow. It has definitely been a good trip and I'm looking forward to coming back out in June for the alpine season. Until then I'm gonna try to climb some routes. One of my all time climbing goals is to climb 5.14 - a goal I believe is well within my ability. All I need is some endurance. Stay tuned for the video...


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