Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick CO update

We've been chillin' in Denver for the last week and things have really been going down. So far I've been able to climb Fantasia (v13), Dark Waters (v12), Bambi (v11), Elegant Universe (v11), Elegant Infinite (v10). It's worth mentioning that Fantasia, after my ascent, has reached a consensus grade of v13 - not v14. Brad and John have been climbing really well too. We are heading up to Fantasia again today so that Weaver can finish it off, then back to Eldorado Canyon tomorrow morning so I can finish Suspension of Disbelief (v13). I managed to fall off the last move on Tuesday and I can't wait to top it out. So far we have captured every ascent on film so be on the lookout for some video soon. I guess that's about it...


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