Monday, November 2, 2009

My Topoutless Day

I made it out to LRC yesterday With Jimmy and Nate. Jimmy and I were psyched to try the Tall Tee project some more but neither of us managed to stick the crux move. Oh and I split two tips on the micro edges. So began my topoutless day. Afterwards we dumped our stuff below the v9 slab Odyssey.

I figured out beta pretty quick - grab the only hold on the problem, a left hand sidepull pocket, use some of the worst smears ever and to gain a small left hand sidepull. Pull left around the bulging arete and paste a left foot on another terrible smear, turn a left thumb down in the pocket, stand on the smear, move up left hand to a non-existent sloper and jack a right foot into the pocket. For a slab, this one is super physical and it wore me down quick. Oh and split another tip.

Nate meanwhile crushed Tennessee Thong aka Tiny Tee and Jimmy climbed Jut left - another one I didn't see the top of. It was not a productive day but I felt strong and I feel that I have made gains through my training. The weather this week looks good and I can't wait to get out again on Tuesday to finish Odyssey and take some photos before the leaves fall.