Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black Ice

It was hot yesterday afternoon as Nate, Jimmy and I made the hike to Black Ice (v10). Our directions were poor as well and we spent the majority of the 50 minute hike wondering if we were even headed in the right direction. I thought it might be helpful therefore to post more specific directions.

From the intersection of Broadway St. and Table Mesa Dr.:
1. Continue up Table Mesa Dr.
2. Turn L on Lehigh St.
3. Turn R on Cragmoor Rd.
4. Park in the Cul-de-sac at the top Cragmoor Rd.
5. Directly out of the car the trail forks
6. From first fork go R
7. The tail forks several more times
8. In order of appearance turn R, R, Farthest R, L, L, R
9. The boulder is an obvious roof to the left of the trail just right of a bolted red arete.

Anyway, we eventually found the boulder. A nice stream was running over the landing and we spent another thirty minutes or so piling rocks and branches across it. I put on my shoes and for the second time began the painful process of warming up on a v10 (maybe this is why my pulley is bothering me). 4 tries later, and still not warm, I was on top. I've heard a lot about this boulder in the past and I now I agree, Black Ice is one of the best boulders of the grade in Colorado. Jimmy also quickly dispatched and Nate came desperately close. Another fun day. Here's a shot:


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