Friday, May 7, 2010


Just got back from Joe's last night. We only spent three days in Utah but I managed to put together a pretty good list of boulders:

1. Two Finger Variation (v9)
2. Resident Evil (v10) FLASH
3. Ghost King (v10)
4. The Angler (v1)
5. Big Joe left (v11)
6. Worm Turns (v10)
7. They Call Him Michael (v8)
8. Wills of Fire (v6)
9. Playmate of the Year (v9)
10. Battletoads (v10)
11. Man From the Past (v11)

Unfortunately we couldn't make it across the river to try the Masterpiece (v13) but this one is high on my lifetime list and I'll be returning for it. Jimmy and I also tried Black Lung (v13) with no success. Here are a couple photos and there should be a little footage soon as well.

Big Joe left

Playmate of the Year

Worm Turns



  1. sounds like a great time man. Gorgeous rock. I need to get out there soon as my arms heal up,

  2. yeah that would be sweet. What happened to your arms?

  3. Man I fell off of a bridge at UT over St Patrick´s day and broke and dislocated both my elbows. I´m out for awhile.