Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been nonstop since we rolled in. I've only had one day of rest in the last seven. But stuff has been going down left and right. Jimmy and I both had great days at Poudre Canyon Saturday repeating nearly every difficult boulder at the 420s. After a quick warm up we quickly dispatched the surprisingly difficult Canopener (v11). It was fun and powerful despite the slightly damp holds. Circadian Rhythm (v13) on the backside was feeling too wet to try so we moved on over to the Sharma Lunge (v9) a cool, very height dependent one move boulder which Jimmy and I both flashed. To left of Sharma Lunge is Chris Schulte's line What's Left of the Bottom of My Heart (v12). The boulder revolves around a difficult first move and then more compression leading to a jug at the lip. After a quick beta session and some real try hard Jimmy and I both sent the boulder. We chilled for a bit waiting for Circadian to dry up a bit and in the mean time Nate sent a cool boulder called Tilt (v9). Then amazingly, Jimmy and I both made quick ascents of Circadian. I had to figure out some different beta due to my height and the length of my appendages but I made it work in the end. One of the best days of my life! Check the vid:

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