Thursday, June 18, 2009


The boys and I were up at the park again last Tuesday ticking off the classics. We warmed on Autobot A.K.A. the best warm-up of all time, and some others A.K.A. the worst warm-ups of all time. My ticklist for the day included The Gobot (v11), Skyscraper (v5), Tommy's Arete (v7), and Deep Puddle Dynamics (v9).

They went like this:

Gobot - 2nd try
Skyscraper - flash
Tommy's Arete - flash
Deep Puddle Dynamics - 3rd try

Jgass also climbed Skysraper and Tommy's Arete first try. It was a fun day full of classic climbs and I am really looking forward to climbing other problems in the park once some snow melts.

Pics from the last couple days:


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