Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Have Arrived

Nate and I have finally arrived in Boulder, CO after 20+ straight hours in the car. The highlight of the drive was the arch in St. Louis. I took some shots...

After driving through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri in the dark, Kansas and eastern Colorado in the morning, we rolled up to our new apartment at about 2 pm. By the way Kansas is the flattest, most boring land I have ever seen. Here's Nate trying to stay awake.

I don't exactly know how I would describe our home for the next two months, the first word out of Nate's mouth was "ghetto." But the inside is actually pretty nice. Check out our toilet...

...the handle is a little high. And we are upstairs.

The living room.

After moving our things in, we decided to head up to Boulder Canyon and do a little climbing. We got in three warm up climbs before the rain started. It hasn't stopped yet and the forecast isn't looking good for tomorrow. Exciting times...