Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pics and Vids

First things first, here is the video Jimmy shot of John and I climbing at the park last week.

Also, I took a couple pictures of Jimmy climbing Pink Think (v6 or 7) which I flashed.

On another note, Jo Beth got in Sunday night and on Monday we rolled out to Mt. Evans to do a little sight seeing and a little climbing. Here are some pictures I snapped on the summit of Mt. Evans.

No one was actually gored but I was amazed at how people seemed to ignore the goat's razor sharp horns. One mom was even encouraging her daughter to stand closer to the goat so that she could get a picture.

After our trip up the mountain it was getting late in the afternoon and conditions were getting good at the boulders. Just before dark Nate sent Seurat (v8) and I was able to quickly dispatch Child Stars (v12) a Chris Schulte problem originally rated v13. I'm not sure if this one sees too many ascents but I was very happy to complete it.

Here is a photo of Nate sending Seurat:

Since Monday at Mt. Evans I have been trying desperately to grow skin and heal my bruised fingers. I'm looking forward to some climbing tomorrow at the park. Until then...



  1. I miss you. I think I want to come out and climb for a week or so. Here are my questions

    1) How excited will you be to see me
    2) What are the temps like
    3) How long will you be out there


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